2018 Conference

Teachers of Atlanta

Teachers of Atlanta 2018 Conference

Specific information for speakers

1. Introduction

Thank you for agreeing to participate as a speaker at the 2018 Teachers of Atlanta Conference.

The following guidelines will provide you with important information and instructions to prepare your presentation.

2. Deadlines

Biography submission (300 words minimum) : 20th April 2018
Picture (preferably 2 one head shot and one full body if possible/ 300 dpi) : 20th April 2018

3. Session information

Each session speaker will be allocated a chairperson volunteer responsible for introducing the speakers, controlling the timing of the sessions and facilitating questions. 

Presentation timings:

Main Speaker: 45 min. max.
Keynote Speakers: 35 min. max.
General Speakers: 25 min. max
Poster Presentations during lunch: 10 min. segments

In order to keep the sessions running to schedule and allow questions from the audience it is very important to keep the presentations within the allotted time. You will be cut short if your presentation over-runs the allotted time.

4. PowerPoint presentation submission -

All speakers are expected to produce a PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation is required in advance of the conference in order to make the necessary arrangements for downloading your file onto the computer in the conference room.

Please submit your Power-point to (Deadline: 20th May 2018): info@teachersacrosstheworld.com

For confidentiality reasons, submitted presentations cannot be viewed by other speakers. You and your session chairs are the only ones who are able to see the files you have submitted. 

Back-up copy

As a precaution, all speakers must also bring a copy of their PowerPoint presentation to the event on a CD or USB memory stick. 

Please follow the guidelines below when preparing your presentation. 


Keep your message clear and brief.
Use light colors for the background.
Keep the color scheme consistent throughout your presentation.


Use dark primary colors for text.


If your original graphs and graphics are too detailed or condensed, they should be converted to a clearer, simpler format.
Limit the use of clip art.
Be careful with screen shots – when viewed on full-screen they will look different.


No more than six (6) to eight (8) words per line.
Ideally a maximum of six (6) lines per slide.
Try to keep all text horizontal, even with charts.


Use the ‘text-build’ feature to stop the audience reading ahead of you.
You may use audio sounds such as bells, whistles, zooming sounds etc.
Movies (AVI or MPEG files) should be embedded in the presentation Technical requirements
Only PowerPoint presentations are accepted. Please note that only single projection will be available. 

Do not include live links to the Internet. If you wish to show web pages use screen shots within your PowerPoint presentation. 

Please note: Policy for content for all presentations

All presentations should be based on the submitted abstract as accepted by the Programme Committee. Speakers can use their presentation as an advertisement for the services or products of a company.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel a presentation, which does not comply with this policy.

5. Room set-up and audiovisual equipment

Room set-up for the General Conference is theater style. All rooms are equipped with a lectern, microphone, projector, screen, remote control, and computer with PowerPoint (operating system Windows).
Speakers are allowed to use their own laptop computer during the sessions for their presentation. A computer with the presentations that are pre-loaded will be available for their use and they will be in control of moving the slides back and forth.   Presenters may, however bring a USB key with their presentation.

6. Handouts

Speakers have the option of providing handouts to accompany their presentation.  It would be courteous to send copies of handouts to the organizers before the conference. The organizers will provide a table at the entrance of each session room where handouts of the presentations can be made available to attendees.

Copying facilities are available on request.

7. Conference center opening hours: 

8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily

8. Speakers Guest Registrants Attendees - Deadline: 21 March 2018

Each speaker can one guest for free and any additional guests of the speaker may attend for 50% off of the conference attendance cost. Please contact: info@teachersacrosstheworld.com

9. Networking and social events

Over 100 attendees will be present.  Please begin sharing with your network about your attendance and speaking.  When using social media, Hashtag Teachers of Atlanta 2018 Conference (#teachersofatlanta2018conference)

 10. Accommodation

All speakers are responsible for their own travel and hotel arrangements.
Information is available on the website.  Breakfast and Snacks will be provided.

Lunch is available for $10 per day.

11. Contact

If you have any questions or need additional information about the 2018 Teachers of Atlanta Conference, please contact: info@teachersacrosstheworld.com